7 June 2023
DEDICATION (Marylebone Theatre) Review

Another one-person show rooted in loss of family members during the Holocaust on the heels of “Rose“.  Here, Roger Peltzman, a New York pianist, traces the history of his family through his mother to his uncle Norbert (a virtuoso musician who perished in Auschwitz).  The show is a mix of Peltzman narrating the story, projections of family photos and archive documents, and Peltzman playing the piano.

It is a fascinating, albeit an incredibly tragic, story.  Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of survivor guilt will want to see the show.  It is a touching and endearing tribute from Peltzman to not only his family, but also all those who died in the camps as much as to those who survived them.

My only criticism is that I wanted Peltzman to play more, which he didn’t.

Cheapskate enjoyment value: £3.

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