18 June 2019

So…. David Mamet has had some gems and some flops in his time. This one is far from a flop, but it’s just as far from a gem.

Inspired by Harvey Weinstein, it’s meant to be biting satire about all that.
Yes, there are quite a few good laughs, all well-deserved. But mostly it’s the same jokes over and over and over till they are not funny anymore. By the time he complained for the 307th time that women don’t like him because he’s fat, my eyes had long lost their ability to roll into my head.

The situation presented isn’t realistic I don’t think. Or if it is, then it’s dumb. Sure, i don’t actually know the details of what _exactly_ Weinstein was accused off. From the media stuff I’d seen, it looked like he suggested to some women that their career wouldn’t go anywhere if they didn’t sleep with him. So they did. Maybe grabbed some body parts he should’ve have.

In the play, he propositions an actress, but when she declines, she doesn’t try to leave all that hard. She tries to reason with him. He then keeps propositioning her things from giving him a blow job to watching him get himself off. She says she wants to go, but she never makes for the door. He takes her belt off her when she falls asleep on his sofa, but he doesn’t lay hands on her otherwise.

Now, no one is condoning that kind of behaviour. But that’s hardly clever satire!

Malkovich is on point. Very well acted. Fumbled his lines twice, but recovered well. The rest of the cast is blah. Doon Mackichan is good, but episodic. I expected her to play the actress he propositioned to, so was rather disappointed. The actress in question (playing “the actress”) was poor for my liking. Very young, I’ve never heard of her. Super weak, doubly so opposite malkovich.

Staging is clean. Sightlines are incredibly good, so kudos for that. I had a “restricted view” seat, could’ve moved easily to a regular seat in the same row, but chose not to.

Cheapskate enjoyment value: £3. A few good laughs, and you get to see malkovich in a fat suit trying to get up off the floor :):):)

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