Surprisingly, it’s 1h 40m without an interval. Short as it was, it sure dragged on a bit… There was quite a bit of humour injected, so it wasn’t too bad. That said, I did roll my eyes a few times because it wasn’t really as funny as the people in front of me clearly thought it was.

The stage is built up into a proper box with a tall lip. True to the adage about a gun on the wall in the first act firing in the third, there were buckets on stage from the start with clear large labels (facing the audience) indicating their content. I would’ve preferred not to know ahead of time.

Simon R-B was solid, but shockingly similar to how he was in Lehman. Maybe it’s his voice and tone? I’ve never seen him on stage before Lehman, so not sure.

Supporting cast is 3 women 4 men. 2 women are _very_ good (one is downright superb!). 2 guys were reasonably ok. The other 2 guys and remaining woman were pretty blah.

Overall cheapster enjoyment: £10.

(Incidentally, Doon Mackichan was in the audience. Saw her afterwards hanging with a large group of friends. Would’ve loved a photo, but was on my own so felt really awkward, and so went home without).

Oh, it’s worth adding that, as is currently fashionable, the whole thing is regular plain clothes. Other than that, I didn’t really feel like it was a new take/spin on the good old Shakespeare…

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